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Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime

We know that when you donate your hard earned you want it to have the maximum effect on the causes you support.  That's why 100% of your donations fund our projects.  The admin stuff is handled by big-hearted friends and supporters.

In collaboration with Maria and other leaders of Windmill Park, we have identified the following projects as providing the most sustainable outcomes for the local community’s development.  Your support enables these initiatives...

Trained Counsellors

In 2015, our volunteers built the ‘Angel of Hope’ Community Counselling Centre in Windmill Park. This centre provides free counselling to people dealing with trauma. Many women in the community have suffered sexual, physical and emotional abuse and have nowhere to turn. This centre offers education and support for common community issues such as sexual health, HIV prevention and domestic violence. We are raising money to fund the ongoing costs of the centre including for training and educating our counsellors, providing crucial services for people in crisis and providing education programs for the local community.

* All donations are tax deductible.


Send a Child to School

Rebecca (one of our counsellors from the ‘Angel of Hope’ community counselling centre) kick-started this inspiring little campaign to help 55 kids in Windmill Park go to school.  For those who don't know, kids in South Africa are required to wear a school uniform to attend school, which for the poorest families means their children miss out on school simply because they don't have the right clothes. Rebecca has identified 55 kids in Windmill Park who can go to school this year with a little help from you.  The uniforms will be made by the sewing centre we built in Windmill Park and best of all 15 people in the local community have already put their hand up to be part of this campaign to help us reach our 55 target.  Can you help?

* All donations are tax deductible.


2017 Xmas Card folded.jpeg

Give the gift of education this Christmas!

Instead of buying the ‘obligatory’ gift for your loved one this Christmas, purchase this card in their honour and with it you will send a child in Africa to school.  Now that’s a gift with meaning that won’t get returned!  For every card purchased we will send one child to school for one year.

A big thank you to Officeworks who have kindly donated the printing services - 100% of all card sales will go to educating kids in Africa.

* All donations are tax deductible.


Vegetable Garden

Last year we hired a gardener and planted a huge vegetable garden. It has been very successful and fruitful for the orphanage and creche, providing food and sustenance to the kids. This year we want to raise more money to purchase new seeds and supplies to keep the garden protected and producing.

* All donations are tax deductible.


Build a creche

In October 2017 we will expand our support in South Africa by taking on a new community in need in Dennilton (two hours north east of Johannesburg).  Our plan is to replicate what we have learnt and achieved in Windmill Park, but in a shorter period of time.  We will start this year by purchasing a block of land and opening a sustainably run community centre, creche (daycare) and after school centre.  The creche will provide 100 local children with a basic meal and education and a place to play, feel safe, learn and seek medical help.  Older kids are invited in after school to be assisted by our teachers with study and homework.  Your support will help to fund the ongoing costs of the creche including purchasing food, paying for teachers and electricity to keep the lights on!

* All donations are tax deductible.


Want to donate more frequently?

We would love you to set up direct debit. How much or how long for, it’s totally up to you.  Many kind folks have set this up through online banking. Some people donate $5 a month and some $20 per week.

It’s easy – jump onto your internet banking, click on set up frequent payments and enter the account details below.  Once you have set up direct debit please send us an email with your contact details.

This account can also be used for one off donations as we do not pay any transaction fees,

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100% of your donations go to the projects

Because of our beautiful volunteer team, we are lucky enough to have no overheads such as:

  • Salaries
  • Printing and marketing
  • IT
  • Events

To decide on where the donations are spent, we collaborate with Maria and other leaders in the Boksburg community Together we identify projects that provide the most sustainable outcomes for the local community’s development. 100% of all donations we received go to these projects. 

The biggest heart felt thank you
for your support.