We believe that we are one.  If we can help, then we will.

Our story began in South Africa in 2010 through a chance encounter with Maria, a woman with a flock of hungry children. The encounter resonated so deeply, we were compelled to ‘do something’. 

Maria saw it as her responsibility to keep the children safe, having extricated herself from a life of abuse and domestic violence.  We saw it as our responsibility to support her to do just that.
What started with small donations of clothes, books and food quickly turned into sustainable vegetable gardens, sewing rooms, a community centre, creche, orphanage and housing.

Five years on Maria and the children have their basic needs met and a thriving, sustainable community has emerged from the love and energy invested in Windmill Park. Children are fed, safe, sheltered and are enrolled in school.
In extending this big heartedness to others, we discovered we felt good ourselves. We felt conscious, deeply respectful and responsible. Suddenly the good starting spilling over.

We’re now inspiring others to join us and start something good themselves.  We’re setting Maria up to take on another community in need.  And we’re always on the lookout for the next Maria - someone who is willing to give selflessly in service to others and we’ll be right there to help them start something good too.

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