We believe that we are one.  If we can help, then we will.

Our story began in South Africa in 2010 through a chance encounter between Maria Gaba, a woman with a flock of hungry children, and our founder Jen Kyna.

Maria had for years been struggling to take care of a growing number of abandoned children from her local community.  With so many mouths to feed she sought help from others and when Jen literally ran into Maria's friend at an airport help had been found!

Maria’s story resonated so deeply with us that we were compelled to do something. Maria saw it as her responsibility to keep the children safe, having extricated herself from a life of abuse and domestic violence so she started a day care centre that ensured kids were safe in her care.       

A spark becomes a flame, and a little support turned into a lot.

What started with small donations of clothes, books and food from friends quickly turned into an actual foundation that provided sustainable vegetable gardens, sewing rooms, a community centre, a creche, an orphanage and safe housing.

Maria and the children no longer need to suffer through hunger and abuse. Thanks to our supportive Kindling community, they have their basic needs met and a thriving, sustainable community has emerged from the love and energy invested in the township of Windmill Park (30mins SE of Johannesburg). Children are fed, safe, sheltered and are enrolled in school.


In extending this big heartedness to others, we discovered we felt good ourselves. We felt conscious, deeply respectful and responsible; suddenly the good starting spilling over.

We believe that we are one with this community. If we can help them, we will.

We’re now inspiring others to join us, whether it be helping Maria to drive the growth of another community in need, or driving positive change for the existing community, like helping to fund a counseling service for those who have suffered trauma, sending a child to school to give them a better future, or funding equipment to support the community bakery to continue providing food to the hungry.

We’re always on the lookout for the next Maria - someone who is willing to give selflessly in service to others - and when we do, we’ll be right there to help them start something good too.

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