When you give love, your world is illuminated.



The origin of our name.

Our family, our tribe. Those we are connected to.

We believe that we are one.

We are all connected. If someone is in need, then I am in need. If someone is full, then I am full.


Speaks to kind hearted or as we say - BIG hearted!

Because we are able. We enable.

Be KIND. Be BIG hearted. It's as simple as that.



Start something good.

The littlest spark was the catalyst for change beyond our wildest dreams. We started from a random conversation in an airport queue.

Kindling is the cockles of your inner light. When you give love, you receive it, and then some. Your world becomes illuminated.

Kindling is the burning desire for change. It's the desire to make a difference and be your best self, not only that, it's enabling others to reach theirs too.